The infection of the bladder is a very common situation experienced mostly by the females as compared to the males. You need to keep a close watch on the symptoms of the bladder infection so that it can be properly diagnosed and treated.

Taking bladder support formula is also very beneficial for keeping the urinary tract and the urinary bladder in a healthy condition. The support formula also enables a healthy functioning of the bladder and the complete urinary system.


  • Pain in the abdomen especially in the lower abdomen is one of the important symptoms of a bladder infection.
  • You can also experience the pain as if the bladder is absolutely

Frequency of Urination

  • An increased frequency urination with no other sign is a symptom that the bladder might be infected.
  • The tendency to urinate is sometimes increased at the night time, and the situation needs immediate

Urgency to Urinate

  • During the infection of the bladder the urgency to urinate significantly increases.
  • This might happen just after urination is over.

Changes in the Appearance of Urine

  • The urine appears to be cloudy in nature during an infection of the bladder.
  • The presence of blood in the urine also indicates an infection of the bladder.