Other Cimex species are worlds apart from bed bugs – learn how!

Do you have an idea of a group of insects that totally feed on your blood? If not, then you must be aware of the insects appertaining to cimicid family named bed bugs. These are the insects that not only suck your blood but also account for so many irritating diseases as an after effect of their sting.

Bed bug transfer disease from one person to another

Bed bugs are not behind to transfer diseases from one person to another person. As a matter of fact, blood is their sole food whether it is coming from humans or animals but their most preferred food is human blood. On this account, bed bug tries to live in places with the human population.

Do you want to avoid being a victim of bed bugs?

Keeping in view this, Brooklyn bed bug exterminator is the need of the hour if you want to avoid being stung by bed bugs.

The shape and size of bed bugs

As for the shape of bed bugs, they are not tiny shaped. The shape and size they are in can easily be observed by a naked eye. You don’t need to access a microscopic approach to see them.


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