People are so fashion centric that they want to look different from others in today’s society. Ear stretching is one of the style trends that are commonly used.  It has been there for centuries. It not only enlarges your ear, but it also tells you how flexible your skin is.

In ancient times, there were ear plugs ranging from 1 centimeter to 1 inch in thickness. Tribes in many countries practice the custom of ear piercing and stretching. They generally use wood, horn, stone for stretching earlobes. These days, many people are adopting it as western culture.

Ear gauges are found in different sizes. The terminology gauge is used for jewelry size. It takes five to six months for the ear to completely heal after stretching. Material that is supposed to be used for stretching should be delicate or brittle. Ears need to breathe, so metal and plastics are unsuitable.

There are many things that you need to remember while selecting your ear gauge:

  • Everyone cannot wear gauge of same size to stretch their ears.
  • It is essential not to enlarge your earlobe very much.
  • Earlobes rip or “blowout” if you try to stretch more than it is required.
  • Larger the gauge is, smaller the piercing is.
  • Similarly, for large piercing you need small gauge.

Always remember, to keep lubricants and ear stretch antiseptic with you before you start any kind of stretching. Once process of stretching is finished and it is healed you can always try the same process again. If you are convinced with your size then looks for jewelry that you wish to wear.

Ear enlargement is not meant for everyone. But, people do enjoy wearing large gauges. Gradually there are vast sizes of gauges available. It is recommended unless first stretching is not completely healed; do not try to stretch it again. You might face ripping or blowout. Better to contact a professional like tattoo maker or piercing professional.