If you are faced with iCloud Activation Lock, then you can unlock it through Doulci Activator tool. By using this amazing tool, it is now possible to gain access to your iCloud account once again despite the fact that you do not remember your login password of any Apple device such as iPhone, iPod, iPad and more. Before the invention of this spectacular tool, unlocking locked features of your idevice was just a far-off dream. It’s helpful to follow the methods of using Doulci Activator step by step. The process is being explained in detail for your convenience or you can do it on your own using your common sense by following them step by step. However, a prior knowledge will help you in a better way.

Step by step download process

  • Click the download option so that server files can initiate the downloading process. The server files will be received from Trial pay, what you just have to do is to install the package and then unzip the files.
  • After a successful unzip, the option “download doulci iCloud unlock” will be out there. The installation on a web server will take a few minutes but it is like a piece of cake. What you need is just to install the script on a local server & making some editing to host file.
  • Plug the USB cable to both ends to connect your idevice like iPod, iPhone and more. After the cable is attached, just hold on for a couple of moments to let the magic take place.
  • Once it’s done, get out of the tool and remove the connection of your device with that. No sooner you are going to receive good news that you can turn on your iPhone and with that, you’ll be floating on air.
  • Despite the fact that you can download Doulci for free, you will need to enter an activation code. But there’s no need to worry so! A list of activation codes is out there! There are a lot of activation codes, so you just have to keep trying until some of them work; this is because of a large number of users.