The significance of water in our day to day life

Water is a liquid that is found most abundantly on this planet earth. The surface of the earth is covered with water by 71% according to a careful analysis.

What do these figures suggest?

These figures suggest that this planet exists mainly through the agency of water. Water is life. If it weren’t for water, no living thing would be in here.

Water to maintain the existence of life

Every living thing needs water to maintain their life. The research shows that people lived without food for several days – even months. But without water, they can’t live more than three days.

What do you mean by 71% watered area on the earth?

What do you mean by 71% watered area on the earth? The rest of the land is only 29%. A comparison between these two things adds up to a lot of things.

The most commonly found liquid

Water is not only the most commonly found liquid but also the source of other liquids.

Do you drink milk?

You drink milk which is not water but the animal whose milk you drink drinks water. In a way, it’s an interesting fact & all. You drink milk but it contains water. I’m not talking about the water that a milkman can add to increase the quantity of milk.

How about fruit and vegetables?

Look around you; you’ll see water in everything. You purchase fruit that also contains water. Without water, the concept of life is impossible. We decorate our homes with different accessories and furnishings but how about custom printed water bottles? For this, it is not necessary that you must own a business of the supply of drinking water. You can also make use of these custom printed water bottles.