In the first place, a bus is a public transport. It is a vehicle for those who don’t have their own conveyance. As a matter of fact, the one who possesses their own vehicle can’t abide the thought of going anywhere through any public transportation mode such as bus, train, van and more.

Well, the traveling through buses is the world of poor or middle-class people. Rich people don’t need to do so as they will prefer traveling by air not by bus from Singapore to Ipoh or any other destination.

Easy Book and poor or middle-class community

Each day that passes, it is coming out that poor or middle-class people continue to love Easy Book. There’s a reason for that. The above all reason is that they get the tickets at their home and they don’t have to go to any coach counters. The 2nd reason is that it is a relatively affordable travel for them. The 3rd reason is fast, secure and comfortable travel. I think these are three major reasons why people prefer getting tickets from Easy Book and traveling through express buses and coaches.

The physical condition of express buses and coaches available through Easy Book

Even though all the express buses are not up to the mark, still the buses and coaches that you get tickets from Easy Book are in A1 condition. Their seats are comfy and spacious in a way that you can easily move forward and backward to get in a relaxed mood. To cut to the chase, you can almost sleep in there. For the firsthand info, please visit

What about drivers who drive these buses?

Well, that’s an important question. All the drivers who drive these buses possess license with a wide range of experience. New drivers are not allowed to drive these coaches unless they are well expert in other less crowded routes.